about hot to cold mechanical

Hot to Cold Mechanical is a locally owned and operated business with more than fifteen years of experience in the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) industry. We have had the opportunity to work on both the residential and commercial from the trades and service perspectives giving us an improved comprehensive view of our client's many needs.  

We value integrity, quality and service with every interaction regardless of the scope or size of your request. We recognize educating customers is important especially when it comes to preventative maintenance and the longevity the products and services we offer so be prepared to learn and ask questions, as it is our mission to help ensure you understand what work is going into your home or your business.


Our Products

We proudly use KeepRite and Comfortmaker heating, cooling and refrigeration products as we believe in quality, energy efficiency and reliability to ensure the total home comfort you should expect. We follow all warranty guidelines for installation and servicing. If there is any product name you stand by and prefer it can be used.


We work with a partner called Financeit that offers various payment plans for our HVAC products and services.  Learn more.


Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

How Can I Find Out How Much a Service or Installation Will Cost?

We are happy to answer any questions or provide some open ended guidace as to what products or services you might need. Let's start by phone, text or email. We are dedicated to ensuring our pricing is competitive so feel free to gather multiple quotes. Give us a shout direct at 780-965-5074 or send us an email at info@hottocold.ca and we will return your request within 24 hours.

What's Included in a Free Quote?

When you contact us to set up a free quote over the phone or through email, we'll be in touch with you to ask you a few questions about your goals and your current situation to give you a better idea of what we can offer. Pricing is determined by the scope of work required (for instance if you need to have an old system replaced and a new one installed versus just installed) and the right product for your home or business (this could be depedent on the size or usage). We will come by and get everything looked at perfectly to be sure that you get all that you need, priced and installed perfectly. We are not quoting for your money ( as usual by others ), we want your satisfaction and word of mouth that makes more money in the end. Prices will be quoted and kept as final payments to be taken after completion if accepted, and always will be. If any other contractor has made you a better deal as rarely seen it will be beat.

What Are Service Plans? and Why Should I Care?

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and we never want to see our customers or any home owners in need of an emergency service in the sweltering heat of summer or in the dead cold spells of winter. We offer basic preventative maintenance plans, that allow us to check the performance of your furnace or air conditioning units, before or after their time needed. At these appointments we take the time to get the cleaning, gas pressure testing and proper operation of all areas done to enhance the longevity of your HVAC systems. This keeps you informed if any part is seen getting weak in it's performance allowing you to take care of it before it's to late. You don't want these things to happen when needed most as will always, because of the way a bill may double to repair due to on call fees for both parts and service. All mechanical systems need to be maintained or breakdowns will occur just like any car that is neglected as well. Get on the annual files today calling 780-965-5074 or email us at info@hottocold.ca

What Forms of Payment Do you Accept?

We will provide a detailed invoice of all services and products charged. We accept cash, major credit cards, e-transfers and cheques made out to Hot to Cold Mechanical. We also offer a financing option through a company called Financeit. They sometimes have promotions that include buy now and pay later with no payments for up to 6-9 months. Learn more.

Why do you use KeepRite products?

Keeprite is the world leader in commercial refrigeration which is one of the most difficult mechanical systems there is due to the accuracies needed. They are at the forefront of the latest in engineering and technology and deliver some of the best product quality, energy efficiency, reliability and serviceability on the market. They have the abilities to keep any major supermarket's products cold and or frozen, by responding to an average of 175 or more pressure and tempurature sensors by the minute. These capabilities are why they have taken perfection to home services as well in both air conditiong and heating, responding only to your usual one thermostat. The work done in your home in comparison to a Superstore for example is too simple, and heating is nothing. They keep perfection in your home by using high end parts ( eg. N-coil evaporators ), that you will pay more for from any other supplier. They want the best parts in use to keep the quality and efficiency at your best and keep their Canadian name "Keeprite" the best in the world. The names you know from the homes you've been in (Trane, Goodman, Lennox ect.) have never gone near refrigeration because of it's difficulties. If that system breaks down and there is any loss of refrigerated products, they are in trouble, giving them the fear to stay away from the expertise needed that only Keeprite has.

How Does Financing Work?

We work with a company called Financeit. Customers can apply for financing up to $100,000. They have flexible payment options with amoritization periods of up to 180 months and can have promotions that include no payments for several months to help you manage the cost of your new HVAC product or emergency service. You can apply online to see if you qualify in seconds. Apply now.