We proudly use KeepRite and Comfortmaker products in all of our installations. KeepRite is a globally recognized leader in commercial refrigeration, well known in the industry by air conditioning and heating (HVAC) professionals. KeepRite is dedicated to the dependability and quality of their products in both heating and cooling which deliver the latest technology and reliability in the business. 

KeepRite offers an unbeatable 10 year warranty. Hot to Cold Mechanical includes an equal labour warranty to match the quality product level. Comfortmaker is a brand subsidiary by KeepRite.  


KeepRite has extensive experience in commercial Refrigeration/ HVAC services making residential an easy opportunity to do what is too simple for them and, do only the best for your home. They have been around just as long as all the other names (Trane, Goodman, Lennox ect.) who will not go near refrigeration due to it's difficulties. Many companies will not offer this name knowing their reliability and want to sell service instead. Pictured above is KeepRite commercial refrigeration as found on their website. Pictured below are residential HVAC set ups by us to show you the complexity the brand can manage. This proves the simplicity of the work in your home for Keeprite, and why they are the leader here as well but kept secret.
For more information about KeepRite and their products, please visit their website

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